System Integration

Data preparation for you or a partner
At some point, as your business grows and matures, you will need to move data from one application to another within your organization or exchange data with a partner. Most often, the data needs to be transformed to be used by another application.

Moving data can include data stored in databases and software but also, physical documents such as purchase orders, invoices, work orders, etc. We can extract data from these physical documents and distribute the data where you need it including in to your company's systems.

Already have an IT department but need a short-term solution while your IT department implements your long-term solution? Magnigen can provide you a short-term solution that can be implemented quickly to meet your partner’s requirements.

Why is it better to utilize Magnigen services at the beginning of your integration? Although partners provide specifications as to the data and format it is needed, some details have to be worked out through the process. Magnigen can help you and your partner work out these details and go through several cycles of integration before involving your IT department. You will have a faster turnaround and your IT department will thank you for dialing in the process and giving them a specification that has been tested and agreed upon by everyone.

Examples: Vendor-Managed Inventory, Master Data Management, Detailed Invoicing